Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prayers and Praises

Ya'll please say a prayer for my Pawpaw Charles which is my dad's dad. He's been sick for a week or so and last night began having trouble breathing. My aunt Kathy and grandmother had to MAKE him go to the ER at Memorial and they found a large "mass" on his lung or lymphnodes that is inoperable. They are going to try and shrink it because it is putting pressure on the main artery that brings the blood flow back to his heart. Right now he is in ICU at Memorial, so please please pray for my family! Thank you.

Also say a prayer for Maddie, we went back to the doctor yesterday due to her still coughing after 12 days on antibiotics and she now has pneumonia! It's not that bad because of her being on the antibiotics already but now she's having to take an albuterol inhaler 4 times a day and really strong antibiotics along with mucinex. Bless her heart... she acts just fine though and doesn't seem sick at all other than the cough!

Last but not least, Hanna may get to come home this week if she continues to improve! Thank you Jesus!

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  1. Aww, I didn't know anything about Maddie or your grandfather... pray that they're both better soon!