Friday, April 3, 2009

~ HELP ~

Well, as of April 15, Madison and I will be married four years! WOW, I cannot believe I have put up with him this long! Anyways, If I start rambling about how far we've come, this blog will never end, SO... I'm asking you guys to help with some ideas of things we could do for our little celebration... I have the hardest time because he already has EVERYTHING, he's such a brat! and I love Over-the-Top celebrations, and he likes the xtremely subtle things... SO.. please help me, I don't have a clue what to get or what to do! Thanks pals!

Thanks to everyone for their ideas and such! We had a wonderful anniversary, we went to dinner (alone) and we went.... drum roll please.... it doesn't get any more romantic that this.....GROCERY SHOPPING!! (of course without kids) And that's what made it special... i think we spent like two hours in the friggin grocery store just looking at everything!! :) Madison and I both thoroughly enjoyed this, how ever weird this makes us!
Thanks again for everyone's help! :)