Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another day in the life of the Hoppers

March 2, 2010

Snow @ 5am

Well, our day started off at 5am with about an inch of snow, so every school within a 1000 mile radius closed including Chandler and Maddie's daycare.
So I start planning fun things to do with the kids while we were stuck at home (unexpectedly) and then of course we lost power.

So back to the drawing board.. What do you do with two small children with,
by this time almost 6 inches of snow on the ground and no power...Ha
So I broke out my acrylic paints and let them go to town on their coloring pages.. they loved it!

Finally the power came back on, I made them both watch a movie and hoping they would both take a nap.. (HA! didn't work)
Instead they both got their butts popped and had to sit in time out!!
Anyways, the snow was beautfiul while it lasted but I am extremely ready for Spring weather!
Til' Next Time,
Beth aka the Heartbreaker

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