Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Time

I'm following in a friends footsteps and once again catching up my blog with lots of pictures.. it has been a very busy summer for us! We've been to the following places on more than one occasion over the past couple of months, first of all because the kids and I love it but most of all because it's cheap! :)

Chandler and Maddie weren't too thrilled with Cathedral Caverns but it was something different for us to experience and the drive was beautiful!
And of course Maddie loves to pose for all of her pictures these days.. such a character!

In the meantime, i've let my hair grow out and played around with some lovely color in a bottle!

Chandler has a new toy... gotta be a "John Deere"! And it helps that his favorite color is green just like his daddy! :)

Look who else loves their daddy! She's always kissin' on him and telling him how much she loves him, it's the sweetest thing!
A little bit too close for comfort for me but after I threatened Madison's life in front of God and everyone, I was pleased with the picture.. but don't bet there will be a second!

After hitting Little River Canyon and DeSoto Falls they needed a little break.. here they are just chillin on the rocks above the falls.. Aren't they too precious?

I love the hiking trails at High Falls in Geraldine, AL... they make such good backdrops for pictures too!

Here's Maddie at Lake Winnie.. little miss brave.. her daddy taught her to hold her hands up on the miniature pirate ship to get the full effect, and without missing a beat.. she did it!

My sweet little ladybug riding a ladybug.. and in case you cannot see them, her "kids" are in the back seat and she was talking to them throughout the entire ride.. oh the imagination.. hee hee

Looking over the bridge at high falls, the old bridge there was so neat and the history behind the place was very facinating..

And I leave you with Maddie, driving off into the sunset in her lake winnie furnished boat!
I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer as much as we have but I'm definitely looking forward to the Fall, my favorite time of year! :) Until next time...


  1. Ha, i just realized that Chandler is wearing the same outfit in his pix.. LOL.. ya'll i swear he has more clothes... but he picks his own clothes to wear these days and maybe it's a little repetitive.. but on a good note, its argument free! :)

  2. Glad you guys have had a good summer!! And you are braver than me! I would've passed out if Ella got that close to the edge of the falls! ha!

  3. Your kids are adorable!! We've not been to High Falls yet but you've just reminded me how much I want to..:)) And YES, Fall is the best time of year! Come on cooler weather!

    Love ya!