Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catching Up... Part 2

Okay, so here's part two...
Me, Madison, Chandler, Maddie, My brother Andy, his wife Beth, their two kids, Kylie and Lexi, and My mother and my nephew Noah all took a trip to Disney World!!

This is Me, My brother and My two nieces Kylie and Lexi

This is When We First Arrived (BEFORE)

Well, lets just put it this way, the oldest child there was Chandler and he's only four... WE WON'T GO BACK UNTIL THEY'RE 10!!!

This was right before we left..(AFTER)

It was 95 degrees and 100% humidity! FUN FUN! Madison said it should have been considered child abuse taking them there in that kind of heat... but we did it, and we had fun! But we were very glad to go back to the condo and relax in some A/C. Maddie went to sleep at 4pm and slept until 8:30am the next morning!

Anyways, We did have a really good time and after a few days at Disney, Madison and I took the kids over to the beach for a couple of days and we really enjoyed it as well. Maddie the Movie Star
Big Brother watching out for Maddie

Already going thru the "i'm too embarrassed to be seen in public with my family stage" :)My Little Angel Napping...
Well, I guess that's enough for now.. it's hard to pick just a few pictures to show everyone but I think I summed it up pretty well. We cannot wait to go back to the beach with the kids, they had more fun there than anywhere else we went!


  1. Yeah...It funny how you spend tons of money trying to make sure they have a good time and they do...but the free stuff they love just as much...lol

  2. I'm so glad you guys had fun! I can't wait to take my kiddos to the beach this summer!

  3. I didn't realize you had a blog until I clicked on your name where you left me a comment-- it brought me to it! Anyway, cute pics! I'm sorry it was so hot when you went to Disney. March wasn't too bad, and December is really my favorite time, with the cool weather and Christmas decorations. :) Marissa