Monday, June 1, 2009

Catching Up... Part 1

This is exactly why I never blog... i'm too busy... now I have a million things to blog about and don't know where to start...

Okay so I guess i'll break this up into segments.

We took the kids to the park at trenton to play one Saturday and they had the best time ever! And I was able to get some cute pix of them having fun, too!

My Chandler just graduated from his class at daycare so he will be starting pre-K this fall.... (tear) (tear)

And Maddie will be graduating to the "big class" this fall as well... i'm so not ready for all these transitions!!

I had the most lovely Mother's day! My mom came in town and we all went to church together and took some pictures of our four generations...i'm so blessed! I love my mother to death, she's my best friend!!

Well that's a wrap for part 1, hopefully I can get the rest of the stuff up tomorrow.. the whole disney trip/beach trip/hangin out at the river and so on and so on....


  1. Wow! I didn't realize how much you look like your mom! I am still waiting on the disney pics. LOL