Monday, March 16, 2009

Maddie the Model.. ha!

These were taken at Madison's dad's house after church Sunday.......

Trying to smell the flowers, lol...............

Well, we had a quiet, relaxing weekend.... but I did get some good pics. Maddie was posing herself and telling me when to take the picture, so it was fun and several turned out really well!


  1. I just now stumbled across your blog!! Welcome to the blog world! That Maddie is a complete doll! Every time we pass your house (which is a lot!) Carter wonders what Maddie & Chandler are doing, if your car is gone, he wants to know where they are...LOL! Sometimes we are still discussing their whereabouts when we get to the 4 way!

  2. This has just got to be the cutest little girl! and she is so sweet! I know because I have kept her in the nursery! Just precious. Both your kids are good.

  3. She is just a doll! I remember how Christina and Amanda loved to pose for pictures at that age.

  4. How beautiful!! You know everytime Maddie sees me she says "Let's work a puzzle" ? I must be the puzzle lady huh? I love them both so much, (well, all of you)

  5. SOOOO beautiful, and I think she has inspired me to try and make that sweet bow!!! :o)