Monday, March 30, 2009

For the Love of Song

My poor little maddie, bless her heart, loves to sing. She has such passion and creativity and just amazes me at some of the songs she comes up with. However, there is one LITTLE problem.... SHE CAN'T SING! I mean seriously, it's so horrible that even Chandler impersonates her in his own little mocking way. Of course I would never discourage her from singing, but if you by chance hear her singing her heart out.. just know that I warned you! :) Oh and did I mention that she wants to sing in front of the whole church congregation.... yikes... i'm trying to blow her off by not mentioning it... LOL! Pray for me and her that she may become vocally blessed overnite! :)


  1. She is so pretty nobody will even notice if she has any problems (which I'm sure she sings fine) singing. I am going to remember her the next time we have a singing. She would have definitely went on my list for yesterday morning if we would have known. That would have been so cute! You have let us know her desire to sing and now we can use her! I'm telling JENNY MANN! Thanks for the info!haha

  2. You better watch out. Cheryl really will tell Jenny and that will be the end of it!

    And if that isn't enough, Brother Luke will say that he won't take no for an answer (at least, that was the message he passed on to me).

  3. Well, Hillevi was talking to Jenny the other day and we told her about how horrible Maddie was at singing... so ya'll don't have to worry about Jenny Mann recruiting her anytime soon! LOL

  4. Hey, all the Bible requires is a "joyful noise" right? You go Maddie! Let her sing with us in the kids choir! She'd love it! I just knew Carter would have massive stage fright Sunday, but as you probably saw....He did not.


    p.s...we will practice Sunday afternoon from 4:30-5 in the fellowship hall if you guys are interested!

  5. You let that baby sing. If and I say if her voice is bad her cuteness will make up for it.