Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My first Blog!!!! YAY

Okay, So everyone knows I don't blog. I don't have time for blogging but every chance I get, I enjoy getting in here and reading everyone else's.
However, I had a cute little experience that I thought I would share with anyone who might read this, so here goes.
This morning we had just left home heading to daycare when my Baby M (2 but still my baby) starts crying and says, mommy you didn't fix my hair like T.W. (her bestest friend). I thought really quick and said, yes honey I did... remember, she wears it like this all the time. So I crossed my fingers and actually said a little prayer that T.W. would please please please wear her hair the same way I had fixed baby m's today. In the meantime, she's still crying so my husband proceeds to talk to her like she's a sixteen yearold dramaqueen telling her how she needs to just be herself because God made us all special in our own ways, and if we try to be like everyone else then we just aren't as special and that she is absolutely beautiful. By this time we were at daycare and Baby M is still saying, "I'm just not pretty!" and I of course was just laughing hysterically. If anyone would have told me that we would be having these discussions when my daughter was only two, I would have never believed them! Anyways, the husband was able to talk her down by telling her over and over how pretty she really is and by the time we walked into daycare, she was completely over it. It should be interesting to see how her hair is fixed when I pick her up... she always changes it after I drop her off so that she is matching her BFF!


  1. That is too funny! You sure do have a drama queen on your hands. Make sure you keep up will all that she says at 2 and compare it to how she is at 16. Keep up the blogging!

  2. LOL I second Holly's motion to keep up with what she says. Kids are stinkin' hilarious! Welcome to bloggerville!